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Reflective Compassion

This live online course focuses on the Reflect & Respond aspects of Reflective Compassion and will show you how to help clients bring compassion & understanding to their inner parts, feelings and experiences, creating emotional resiliency & more freedom.

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What is

Reflective Compassion?

Reflective Compassion allows us to guide clients in turning toward their inner parts, feelings, and experiences at a safe pace and in an environment of deep presence, care, and understanding.

It is a powerful process that utilizes our natural human attachment mechanisms and neurological processes to help clients cultivate and access their own inner caregiver and inner compass.

Reflective Compassion helps us and our clients:

  • heal emotional wounding at a safe pace,

  • reduce anxiety, depression, and overwhelm,

  • transform the inner critic into an ally,

  • bring more ease and acceptance,

  • decrease inner conflict,

  • lead to true emotional resiliency,

  • allow clients to access their own inner knowing,

  • increase clarity around decision-making,

  • reduce action blocks, helping clients get unstuck, and

  • allow clients to sense deeply into their own "next right step."


creating unhealthy dependency, or therapist burnout that comes from feeling like you need to become the client's secure base who must find ways to "fix" the client and solves their problems.

The foundations of our model come from Attachment Theory, Mindful Self Compassion (MSC), Inner Relationship Focusing (IRF), and Neuroscience.

We teach you how to help clients Regulate their nervous system, which opens up access to parts of the brain that allow them to better Reflect & Respond to their inner parts, emotions and experiences from their Whole Self. We also teach you how to help clients sense into what they deeply need to Resource themselves to build long term emotional health and resiliency. 

Over time, clients develop their own Inner Caregiver, as well as the ability to access and trust their own Inner Compass - a deep inner knowing of next right steps along their own life path.

Taught by Tricia Stern, LCSW, MPH and Teresa Keller


Tricia Stern LCSW, MPH is a psychotherapist, trained MSC teacher, and a certified Inner Relationship Focusing Professional. She has decades of experience helping her clients develop their own inner secure based caregiver.

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Teresa Keller is a certified Integral Coach and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher. She is trained in Inner Relationship Focusing and Kriya Yoga and uses the methods taught in this class to help clients experience more freedom and ease. 


  • Science-based theory that works!

  • Powerful techniques to help clients connect with their inner experience

  • Step-by-step guidance on how to help clients understand the underlying concerns and motivations of inner parts and how to move forward

  • Engaging experiential exercises

  • Tools to experience more ease and fulfillment in your practice

  • Time to discuss your own client cases

  • Learning in a group of supportive teachers and peers

  • Text and email support between classes to help you when challenges arise

Course includes:



Are you experiencing any of these common challenges?

  • The pressure of feeling like you need to solve a client’s problems yourself

  • Burnout from attempting to be a secure based caregiver to all of your clients

  • Feeling powerless to help a client change an entrenched pattern or unhealthy behavior

  • Clients who are stuck in story and repeat the same things without moving forward

  • Struggling to help clients to deal with harsh inner critics or deep shame

  • Client dependency if you act as their secure base rather than helping them build skills to develop a secure base in themselves

Enjoy more ease and fulfillment in your work with clients, using powerful techniques that will help you: 

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  • Help clients have an actual experience of their own compassion, without it becoming yet another thing they need to strive to do.

  • Use compassionate parts work to transform a client's relationship with inner parts, realizing that all parts deserve compassion and care.

  • Lead clients through a process to discover the positive motivations and underlying needs beneath unskillful or addictive behaviors, or an inner critic.

  • Help clients move from living at the mercy of parts’ narrow perspective to a place where their whole self can be with parts and help them become inner allies.

  •  Support clients in facing inner experiences at a safe pace.

  • See clients begin to change perspective from the one who is helplessly
    suffering to the one who can meet that suffering and take action.


  • Direct a somatic experience in clients that uncovers inner wisdom and          next right steps on their unique life path.

  • Help clients create their own toolbox to build true emotional resiliency.

  • Tap into a powerful neurological process that can erase or update negative emotional learning.




 classes where you'll learn how:​

  • Attempts to cope in childhood create attachment styles and inner protector parts that can be transformed and integrated with our attention and care.

  • Our brain's parallel processing leads to the experience of inner parts and conflict, and how you can use parts work to shift a client's perspective and create an actual felt experience of reflective compassion.

  • To gradually introduce client's to parts work in a way that feels safe and inviting.

  • A client's difficult emotions and challenges can become doorways to growth and effective action.

  • You can encourage 4 different types of effective action based on your client's specific situation and their own internal process and experience.

  • To help clients correct for our natural negativity bias to experience more ease and joy, without denying feelings or slipping into toxic positivity.


9 Interactive Classes

with Experiential Exercises

& Practical Techniques


Spring 2023

Dates & Times Coming Soon!

Class recording will be available in case you need to miss a class or prefer to learn via the recording.

What Our Students are Saying:

This course was one of the most valuable trainings I have taken. I learned both a new framework and concrete skills and tools that I was able to immediately integrate into my work with clients. 

Karin R.


I found the models that were used to be so accessible that I could very easily and immediately begin to incorporate them into my work. Whether you are new in your practice or very experienced, you will benefit from this course in ways that will benefit your clients but also boost your confidence in your work!

Mary Beth W.


I highly recommend the "Integrating Self Compassion Into Therapy" Course. As a clinician with 35 years of experience, I found it refreshing, informative, and easy to assimilate into my life/practice with clients who have experienced complex trauma. I wish it had been offered early in my career!

Kay J.

- Trauma Therapist

I'm interested!​

Let us know that you might be interested and let you know when the dates are set. We'll also send you free resources & a discount code you can use on any upcoming course.

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