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Online Class: Helping Clients
Regulate & Resource

Before clients can do the work of therapy or coaching, they need to have a regulated nervous system.

In this course you will learn simple techniques that will help clients feel more calm and grounded. Leading clients through them will benefit your own nervous system as well.

You will have the opportunity to experience these methods yourself and to practice them in a supportive environment so you can feel more confident bringing them into your work with clients.

We'll also learn about practices you can offer to clients that will help them resource themselves and build greater emotional resiliency over the long term.


Are you experiencing any of these common challenges?

  • Clients who are often dysregulated and can't seem to settle into the work of the therapy or coaching session

  • Clients who are stuck in story and repeat the same things without moving forward​​

  • Feeling powerless to help a client change their emotional overwhelm and reactive behaviors

  • You know some regulation practices would help, but you don't know how to incorporate them into a session

  • You're not sure how your clients would react to these types of practices or how to introduce them 

  • You don't have enough experience with regulation techniques to lead them with confidence

Enjoy more ease and fulfillment in your work with clients, using powerful techniques that will help you: 

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  • Teach clients to self-regulate by utilizing existing biological mechanisms

  • Learn practices that help clients resource themselves and build resiliency

  • Help clients have an actual experience of their own compassion 

  •  Prepare clients to face inner experiences from a place of groundedness

  • See clients begin to change perspective from the one who is helplessly
    suffering to the one who is resourced enough to meet that suffering

Taught by Tricia Stern, LCSW, MPH and Teresa Keller


Tricia Stern LCSW, MPH is a psychotherapist, trained Mindful Self Compassion Teacher, a certified Inner Relationship Focusing Professional, and Lifeforce Yoga for Mood Management Practitioner. She is trained in many evidence-based clinical approaches, including interpersonal neurobiology with Dan Siegel. She teaches several clinical methodologies and has decades of experience helping her clients learn to self-regulate and to develop their own inner secure based caregiver.