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Healing professionals - Learn about Reflective Compassion which allows clients cultivate their own inner caregiver and develop trust in themselves and their inner compass. Our methodology involves compassionate parts work through the lens of attachment theory, and is grounded in neuroscience.
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Tricia Stern LCSW, MPH is a psychotherapist, trained Mindful Self Compassion Teacher, a certified Inner Relationship Focusing Professional, and Lifeforce Yoga for Mood Management Practitioner. She is trained in many evidence-based clinical approaches, including interpersonal neurobiology with Dan Siegel. She teaches several clinical methodologies and has decades of experience helping her clients learn to self-regulate and to develop their own inner secure based caregiver.

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Teresa Keller is a certified Integral Coach, a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, and is trained in Inner Relationship Focusing. She has trained under Tara Brach, Jack Kornfield, Rick Hanson, and others. She has studied and practiced somatic, yogic, and energetic regulation techniques extensively. She loves helping clients take advantage of natural biological mechanism to learn how to develop their own inner caregiver and inner compass. When that happens, clients find themselves experiencing more freedom, ease, and joy in their lives.

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